Actor Jeremy Renner

“Julie Ariola created a wonderful class environment for me to succeed, fall flat on my face and truly expand as an artist, bestowing invaluable tools that I use on every job as an actor and use everyday as a man and for that I am forever indebted to her.” – Jeremy Renner (Oscar Nominee - Hurt Locker and The Town)

Katey Sagal

“I love Julie. We have been working together for many years. Since I was blessed with an active professional career early on, I never had any formal training. Working with Julie I learned useful technique as well as  tools to access my deepest  emotions. I so appreciate the work we have done together.” – Katey Sagal (Golden Globe winner-Sons of Anarchy)

Actor Gregg Sulkin

“Julie as a person is a jewel. Julie as a coach is a true gem. She has become a friend, mentor and pretty much my LA mother.” – Gregg Sulkin

“Julie is a wonderful coach.  She creates a space for the imagination and the heart to open.  She is intuitive and warm and works to use one’s personal experience and instinct to open the doorway to character.  After working with Julie on a script or material for an audition, nothing ever feels predetermined or set down as in “this is the way this must be done”.  Instead I leave with a sense of greater possibility about what the character can do, how the character might choose to live once the camera is rolling.  What she teaches is both a lesson in imagination and confidence — that if you do the work of looking deeply enough, you have the right to express anything that comes from you.” – Maggie Siff

“Julie Ariola brings an uncommon grace and wisdom to her teaching. I hope all actors both aspiring and accomplished come to appreciate the gift she brings them.” – Bruce Joel Rubin

Actress Tembi Locke

“I have worked with Julie for over ten years both as a teacher and a private coach. Her approach to the work is highly personal with a wonderful combination of technique and inner guidance. She is blessed with the uncanny gift of knowing how to help actors find an authentic, honest, open and unique connection to the work – and have fun doing it! Actors who work with her emerge more grounded, confident in their choices, and specific in their own approach to their craft.

Personally, she has helped me refine the skills and awareness to be creatively nimble on-set whether in front of the camera, working with writers and directors, or simply doing press. And she does all this in a way that is playful, generous, and tailored to the individual.

I have not only become a better actor because of our work together, but also I have developed a deeper connection to my work and career in an ever changing business. Thank you, Julie!” – Tembi Locke

Actress Debrah Farentino“After decades together, Julie’s intuitive, challenging, expansive approach to the art and the artist has guided me through the best of times as well as the most challenging.

It is through Julie that I have learned to love acting again after taking many years off to raise my family.No two sessions with Julie are similar; she constantly amazes me at her ability to gently provoke and challenge me to find the deepest connection possible.

Her workshop shaped and expanded and stretched my imagination beyond expectation.  I use the work done over those few weeks on a daily basis.

My time with Julie is golden.  Every time we work together, new discoveries are made.  Julie has brought back the joy of acting for me. Time after time, just when I think I get the subtext of a scene….Julie comes up with that one question or thought that takes me deeper and deeper into the work.” – Debrah Farentino